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Tag: airdrop coin


As we are TokenDrops Team, we are going to tell you who are beginner in the cryptoccurency world, how to get free token / airdrop to your wallets.. You can find some answers in this article.


Hanacoin is a new money start from South Korea. The GPU is minimized using the algorithm. It was designed to be resistive and adapt quickly thanks to the difficulty tuning algorithm.


Gabrotech found patent applications for ICO's unique solution that created more confidence and credibility among investors a week earlier.


DomRaider ICO combines two important factors for success: the renovation of the breakthrough technology by the blockbuster experts and the success of an already established company and an experienced team.


Through decentralized data storage, CyberVein will ensure that there is no single point of failure for a hacking attack, while allowing public and private blockchains to interoperate so that data can be monetized with individuals’ permission.


Firstly, if you interested in airdrop, you should not miss this coin airdrop! mCoin is a unique, inclusive cryptocurrency, available with or without the Internet (hybrid).


Builderium is a platform connecting construction workers and contractors clients. At present, there are three pronounced problems with the construction industry.

Alibaba Coin Foundation

Alibabacoin, Ticker: ABBC, is a cryptocurrency business approach by the global retailer and wholesaler Alibaba. They describes that new technology as optimized for finance, distribution, shopping, and security using the blockchain technology.


The concept of Skynet, often referred to as the fictional conscious superintelligence system in the movie TheTerminator, is becoming increasingly relevant with the recent explosion of growth in artificial intelligenceand robotics

Talent Chain

Talentchain, is a real time ledger that records an individual’s learning journey from inception to becoming of a talent asset, in a manner that serves as a tamper proof skill repository.