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What is CyberVein?

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Through decentralized data storage, CyberVein will ensure that there is no single point of failure for a hacking attack, while allowing public and private blockchains to interoperate so that data can be monetized with individuals’ permission. Additionally, when looked at in more detail we can see that CyberVein helps guarantee basic functionality within existing databases, as well as allows for the implementation of ‘contract-oriented languages’ so as to devise a technological solution that is able to carry definitions and elucidate clear data value systems.

Smart Contract Implementation:

One of the central features of this system is that it makes use of digital contracts to eliminate the need for manual syncing of data sets. Smart Contracts allow for ‘automated correlational activity’ to occur by simply pre-defining pertinent data values in advance.

Good Usability:

This platform makes use of a ‘virtual machine module‘ along with a decentralized ledger to help users execute and govern database operations in a highly defined and streamlined fashion.

Easy to Use:

Cyber Vein allows its users to make use of their own data value definitions so as to formulate unique smart contracts. Not only that, even complex parameters can also be entered with relative ease when using this system.

Non-Resource Intensive:

Owing to its digital framework, this platform does not put a lot of pressure on the nodes that exist within the network. This not only helps facilitate faster transactions, but also allows for better overall performance.

How Do I Get Onboard With CyberVein?

To sign up for CyberVein users can get in touch with company representatives with e-mail.

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One of the other advantages is that low fee prices.

Low Fee Structure:

The overall transaction and confirmation fee that is charged to users is extremely low (especially when compared to conventional transfer services).

Another thing which is related to mCoin;

Native Consensus Module:

Unlike Bitcoin and other famous cryptos which makes use of the Proof of Work (POW) model, CyberVein employs a unique Proof-of-Contribution (POC) mechanism that eliminates the need for miners and third party users to help network participants come to a common consensus.

Summary and Outlook:

CyberVein is the first blockchain platform to introduce on-chain database functionality for sharing and replicating structured data among nodes.

Conceptual Solution:

CyberVein is a new blockchain platform that enables storage of a continuous influx of information as structured data in smart contracts.

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