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We're here to help

Read FAQ carefully. If you still need help,
Join our Telegram group and ask - https://t.me/TokenDropsSupport
Send an email to - [email protected]

TokenDrops is NOT distributing tokens. You can check completed airdrops' ICO ending dates. Projects will send the airdrop tokens to your Ethereum address in 3 months after their ICO ends. You will see "Distributed" tag on completed airdrops after the distribution process.

The referral system at TokenDrops is pretty straight forward. You can get your unique referral link through your profile and as soon as someone registers to the website through that referral link, you will get him/her as lifetime referee. You will earn extra stakes from each of your referee's completed airdrop. You can see the number of your referral members on your account. Your referrals have to join your airdrops.

Please, update your browser or try different ones. 

Please, use only your user names for each of your social media account. Please, do not enter links.

These are your expected token numbers from airdrops, not final. These tokens will be distributed later. You will see "Distributed" tag on completed airdrops after the distribution process. Even if airdrop is distributed, your data will be on the Balance forever.

You can use only ONE telegram account. You can change your telegram account on “My Account” page. You have to join all ongoing “Exclusive” airdrops channels via new telegram account. Projects are regularly checking their telegram channels.

Please check your all email folders and click on resend button. If you do not receive any emails in 6 hours, inform the support team via email - [email protected]

If you see that an airdrop is distributed but there is no received token in your wallet, open your “My Account” page and check your account info. Secondly, check your social media accounts and project channels. Some distributions can last 1 month or more. Projects should distribute their tokens, TokenDrops is not holding any tokens. Thirdly, You should ask to the project to learn your distribution info. We cannot solve this problem which is between users and projects.

Visit your profile, delete your old Ethereum address and paste the new one. If airdrops are completed before adding new address, you may not receive tokens.