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Talent Chain


What Is TalentChain?

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Talentchain, is a real time ledger that records an individual’s learning journey from inception to becoming of a talent asset, in a manner that serves as a tamper proof skill repository. The resultant is a lifelong digital passport that stores academic certificates, skills, endorsements, awards, badges and recognitions of an individual be it a student or a professional. It is not only a trusted platform for issuing, certifying and maintaining certificates on Blockchain, but also acts as a cost-effective method of mapping the trajectory of the alumni. Apart from degrees and employment records it can even store and track the informal skills that will be endorsed by employers or colleagues. Universities, Institutes and Companies will create courses and issue certificates and degrees on Talentchain for students and employees respectively. Single as well as batch upload of files will be possible. Universities can choose to even upload their own accreditation and registration documents, thereby creating a trusted institute dossier for themselves. Certificates self-uploaded by students can be attested by the institute itself or through any notary in Talentchain. Notary will approve the documents if all criteria is met and sign off with digital signature. Notarized certificates get uploaded to Blockchain. Talentchain is based out of Malta. Their cryptocurrency friendly government creates a nurturing place for a Blockchain product like Talentchain to flourish and grow in substantial proportions.

The main participants of Talentchain stand to gain in the below listed ways;

Students/Employees – Verified Credentialing, Enhanced Placement, Learning Passport, Earn Revenue, Buy Online Courses

Universities/Institutes – Smooth Admission, Trusted Provenance, Brand Perpetuity, Earn Revenue, Intermediary Free

Recruiters – Transparent Hiring Process, instant Candidate Verification, Reduced Hiring Cost, Quality Hires, reduced Recruitment Time

Enablers/Banks – Bridges Trust Deficit, Forms Transparent Ecosystem, Loan Eligibility Assessment, Builds Brand Image

Talent Passport is a single storehouse of skills and credentials that provides a multi-faceted projection of one’s talent journey to help an individual to better manage and plan their career graph. It also facilitates easy sharing of one’s verified details with future employers and recruiters.

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When Does the ICO Start?

It starts on 15th September at 12:00 CET and ends when the cap is reached.

What Happens If Soft Cap Is Not Achieved?

If this Soft Cap is not achieved by the end of the crowd sale period, all contributors will be refunded, and crowd sale will be deemed as cancelled, and all the issued tokens will be burnt.

How Can I Participate in the ICO?

Follow the guidelines “How to participate in our ICO” from their website.

What are the recommended Ethereum Wallet ?

Ethereum wallets which they recommend are the following: MyEtherWallet MetaMask

Is the Private Sale is Open to Everyone?

The Private Sale is open to anyone who is a resident of a country in which ICOs are not banned.

What Documents Do I Need For KYC?

You are going to need copy of your passport or Government approved Photo ID.

When Does The CrowdSale End?

The crowd sale ends by 16th Nov or whenever we reach our hard cap of $15 M, whichever is earlier.

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