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The First Cryptocurrency Accessible Without The Internet

What Is mCoin?

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Firstly, if you interested in airdrop, you should not miss this coin airdrop! mCoin is a unique, inclusive cryptocurrency, available with or without the Internet (hybrid).mCoin creates a financially inclusive opportunity for unbanked people and businesses. Together with ONEm applications, mCoin will generate more economic activities with transaction records. These records will establish a trusted credit history for everyone. Having a credit history is a step towards micro-financing in emerging markets. mCoin is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin technology. The main difference is that mCoin doesn't need access to the Internet. Half of the world's population doesn't have Internet and can't access a cryptocurrency. Of these, 1.7 billion can use mCoin on their mobile, even though they don't have data.

Some of the core aspects of this technology include:


As mentioned earlier, there are still a lot of people across the planet who don't have stable access to the internet. Thus, mCoin can serve as the perfect crypto option for such individuals (as it can be utilized even without the use of a direct internet connection).

About The Native Wallet:

In order to execute payments, ONEm will be offering all of its users with a native wallet. Though the use of this tool, customers will be able to seamlessly exchange, trade, store a wide array of cryptocurrencies in a safe manner. Other key features of this wallet include:

  • Hybrid Support: it can be used on a smartphone as well as on a PC
  • Voice-based wallet using biometric authentication.

mCoin ICO Details:

While the sale periods (presale + ICO) will be open to everyone for participation, people residing in the United State of America or the People’s Republic of China will not be able to take part in this sale (due to certain laws and regulations).

What makes mCoin Unique?

mCoin is the first digital currency that works both with and without the internet. The market for mCoin includes the 3 billion people who have a mobile but no internet. ONEm has ready applications to use mCoin for transactions.


mCoin works with or without the internet giving access to blockchain technology to 5.8 billion mobiles. There are 3 billion people on mobile but without internet.


Since mCoin is accessible by mobile offline the user enjoys an extra layer of security against unauthorized access via mobile authentication.


ONEm provides a virtual wallet. Users without the internet can use any ordinary mobile to store, send and receive mCoins.


mCoin works with existing ONEm social and business applications. Examples are Sweb, Market Place and mCatalogue.


All digital currencies need the internet for transactions and trading. mCoin is the most flexible working both online and offline.

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