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SKYNET – The World’s First Blockchain Chip

What is SKYNET?

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The concept of Skynet, often referred to as the fictional conscious superintelligence system in the movie TheTerminator, is becoming increasingly relevant with the recent explosion of growth in artificial intelligenceand robotics. With the rise of machine learning, computers have been able to achieve human-level performance on highly complex perceptual tasks. Advancements in deep learning have enabled artificial neural networks such as AlphaZero to beat World-Champion Go players easily.The optimization of processors such as Google’s 180 Teraflop TPU can further accelerate neural network training.

However, they believe that distributed ledger technologies, such as the blockchain, can lead to a beneficent Skynet or as they call it, the intelligent machine economy. With blockchains, the collective knowledge of all devices can be distributed, ensuring that no central system can influence all the others. Autonomous devices be managed with systems that prevent future harmful actions while incentivizing positive behavior. No centralized control will exist over the network, enabling machines to directly interact with one another without a human operator or middleman. Blockchains, as a result, will enable many new decentralized and secure applications that can be executed over the intelligent edge. Skynet Core hardware will lay the real-world foundation to support cryptographic acceleration, neural network processing, and System-on-Chip development in IoT devices whereas the Skynet Open Network will serve as the distributed "hive mind" infrastructure that will give devices the capacity to self-organize, learn, and transfer information between one another.

Skynet Overview:

By creating a neural processing core optimized for the blockchain and its native blockchain network, OpenSingularity can address the major problems with the Internet of Things to enable these devices to become both connected and intelligent. This section will detail why blockchain can be used for IoT, Skynet’s design principles to enable the intelligent machine economy, and deployment strategy.

Addressable Network Solution Design:

SON (Skynet Open Network) aims to connect IoT devices and provide the infrastructure for an intelligent planet. To achieve this goal, SON’s design is configured to achieve:

  • Anarchic Scalability
  • Separation of Duties
  • Portable
  • User Friendly

SON Overview:

SON is a solution addressing all the problems with existing blockchain networks while providing the capacity to support billions of machine to machines interactions.

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Skynet Core Overview:

Skynet Core is the first ever blockchain core with added AI processing in the forms of TPUs or NPUs. Skynet Core is designed to enable the usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks in IoT devices and enable the capacity of those devices to become intelligent and connected.

Network Introduction:

Skynet Open Network is comprised of four main frameworks: SON Fabric, SON Nova, SON Idem, and SON Singularity. However, the latter three frameworks are all connected to SON Fabric, the root blockchain platform enabling an infinite amount of other blockchains and frameworks that connect to it.

Skynet Token:

Skynet Token is the native staking token of the Skynet Open Network and SON Fabric. In Proof-of-Stake blockchains, the creators of each block are chosen by random selection in a round-table like fashion according to how much coins or value the person holds.

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