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What is the DomRaider ?

DomRaider ICO combines two important factors for success: the renovation of the breakthrough technology by the blockbuster experts and the success of an already established company and an experienced team. DombRaider also associated with airdrop and airdrop alert.


This is an open source code chain that is divided into real-time location management of auctions. It will be transparent, reliable, adaptable and interoperable without sacrificing speed. The DomRaider network does not just have to register bids and offers. It is the core of a complete new auction ecosystem that aims to offer an innovative solution for auctioning players all over the world. Live auctions, escrow, valuation specialists, delivery services, and online auction providers can join the network, serve, airdrop alert and add value to the block chain.

About DomRaider

DomRaider is known as a successful startup. In just one year, the DomRaider team reached a fortune by doubling its number. Successful startup has stepped into the blockchain world with the ICO event that it has achieved in 2017 and has received positive results. In addition, the DomRaider team met users with a blockchain called Auctionity, which enables world-wide auctions to become secure and decentralized. DombRider token (DRT) is used in this network. DRT, on the other hand, Bancor continues to trade on HitBTC, EtherDelta & YoBit platforms.

Analysis Of DombRaider and Airdrop

The abbreviation for DomRaider currency is DRT. The price of 1 DRT is $ 0.01. The percentage change in the last week is + 2.33%. DomRaider has a market share of 0.002% in total in the crypto money market.  DomRaider Group runs the first version of the blockchain infrastructure auction platform named Auctionity. The platform developed by the French firm Startup combines the advantages of blockchain technology with a simultaneous auction system. The auction platform Auctionity stands out as an innovative technology plan in which all the world's live auctioneers, valorisation specialists, shipping services and online auction providers come together. The platform will also be the world's first centerless auction platform.

At the ICO, which successfully completed the platform, 560 million DRT (DomRaider) tokens were distributed to users all over the world. Together with ICO, the team arrived at the money needed for the development of the platform. The DRT token is currently traded on HitBTC, Yobit and EtherDelta stock exchanges. "Holding the promise we made and making real progress in the project has a vital pre-requisite for the Auctionity mosque and platform," Auctionity CMO Damien Henriques, who announces that DRT will soon be adding another bourse, will announce the partnership agreements and sign the partnership agreements. improve the service offered. The process will begin with the renowned digital address platform NaviAddress. The project team, which launched a comprehensive recruitment plan for the development of the platform, is confident that DRT's price will go up sharply. The Auctionity team will soon launch a brand new website for the DRT token; I token.domraider.co. The incentive program will be available on the DRT road map, which will serve for DRT owners entirely, and a specially developed incentive program for DRT owners. Source: Blockchain based auction platform: Auctionity