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Tuk Tuk Pass

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) – Social Travel Blockchain Platform

What is Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) ?

You can join this airdrop which is related to TTP coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by Tuk Tuk Pass.

The Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) is a social travel platform that uses a combination of machine learning and user-generated content for travelers who provide one-stop service for booking and sharing travel experiences.

TTP focuses on bringing API-related services from their business partners together with relevant information, media and local information that customers need to direct their trip decision on a single platform.

This is done in a stylish and simplified way. A user experience that allows travelers to evaluate and share travel experiences and lifestyle content. In addition, travel-related services around the world create a link tourists via the web, mobile application and Smart Contracts. The service points that come together with the Smart Concierge are places where travelers frequently ask questions. It can further assist potential users in travel services and application downloads.

In addition to this, the platform will provide purchasing decisions such as high-end video content created by the impressors and reviews of services offered by other websites, as well as additional information to help support for travel planning. 

This system helps customers decide to buy this product without having to leave the platform for further research and limits the likelihood of completing the purchase elsewhere. That is to say; this algorithm supports customers to make purchasing decisions on the platform, often showing information they seek on other platforms.

You can earn lots of money and coin with  Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) airdrop. Also you can join airdrop coins distribution in our website and benefit from the other crypto airdrop events and airdrops tokens.

There is a Reward System:

Token reward and badges are key elements in creating the TTP community, incentivising our users to make meaningful travel-related contents/reviews and gamify their experiences navigating the platform.


Users Can Have Badges:

Badges symbolize milestone accomplishments made by each community member, motivating them to discover new functions and experiences on the platform. The badges are present on every users’ profile, which also help other users identify their interests and experiences. Certain badges also unlock special perks for users.

Their Services:

  1. Hotel and Resort

In collaboration with Booking.com, Tuk Tuk Pass members will have access to more than 1.7 million hotels and more than 148 million hotel reviews worldwide.

  1. Flights & Transportation

Together with Rentalcars.com, their members can benefit from the Tuk Tuk Pass community awards, while accessing the best value in 160 different countries.

  1. Excursion, Tickets, Professional Tour Guides

Access to the database of professional tour guides in association with tourism boards such as more than 50 tour packages, attraction tickets and the Thai Professional Tour Guide Association for each city.

Upcoming Services:

  • Restaurants
  • Data Plan/Wifi
  • Wellness/Spa (Thailand)
  • Shopping/Luggage Delivery
  • Money Exchange
  • Travel Insurance