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Tachyon (TYX)

What is TACHYON (TYX) ?

You can join this airdrop which is related to TYX coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by TACHYON.

The Tachyon Token Tachyon

(TYX) is an ERC-20 token intended to be Ethereum’s compliment. Consider it an accessible, on-the-go token created for instant transfers, mobile payments, embedded tipping on forums, and (someday in the future) anonymous online purchases.

With the Ethereum network rapidly growing, Tachyon hopes to be the light-fuel for the future’s informal digital economy.

What is a “tachyon?”

Depending on who you ask, tachyons might be a theoretical impossibility or an exciting prospect. Based off the Greek word ‘tachys’ meaning ‘swift,’ tachyons are hypothesized particles faster than the speed-oflight.

This may seem impossible according to our current understanding of the natural world. To travel at speeds equal to light, one needs a mass of zero.

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This means that to travel faster-than-light, the particle would need to have a negative mass. Is such a concept possible to conceive? For now, tachyonic particles serve more as a placeholder for imaginary concepts within astrophysics, similar to how the variable i denotes an imaginary number in mathematics (as is the case when, for example, one tries to factor the square root of a negative number).

However, string theory calculations of particle vibrations has found that the squared mass derived from these vibrations can sometimes yield an imaginary number. They are likely limited now by our available tools of detection.

Features of Tachyon

  • Accessibility: TYX aims to be the de facto tipping and micro-transactional token on the Ethereum network.
  • Fair Airdrop Token Parameter: The wide spread of our token distribution means that our airdrop will be fairly placed in as many hands as possible to maximize its use-case.
  • Fungibility: The fungibility of Tachyon is one of our highest priorities so that it can exist as a usable currency.
  • Tested Code: In April of 2018, a BatchOverflow Exploit was found on many Ethereum tokens which caused some exchanges to temporarily halt all ERC-20 token deposits.
  • Integration: Tachyon’s goal is to be an umbrella cryptocurrency for a host of tipping widgets and payment processors that can be easily integrated into existing chatrooms, forums, and small marketplaces
  • Memorable: Let’s face it, a tipping token that rests on use-case and social media exposure must have a memorable name and brand. And Tachyon has both of these which work to its benefit.
  • The Future Tachyon Network: Although starting as an ERC-20 token, Tachyon will migrate to its own MainNet blockchain network in 2019/2020.

The Airdrop Model

They plan to carry out the Tachyon airdrop as follows:

  • Each airdrop, 5% of the total supply (299,792,459 TYX) will be airdropped to those who signed-up.
  • These airdrops will continue until at least 40% of the total supply is in circulation—after then, the community will vote on how often they want the remaining 15% for the public to be distributed.
  • 10% of the total circulating supply will be kept for liquidity on exchanges.
  • The remaining 35% of TYX tokens will for the Tachyon team to pay for devs and marketing.