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What is Standarta?

You can join this airdrop which is related to STANDARTA coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by Standarta.

Free Cryptocurrency Mining for everyone!

To begin an irreversible procedure of utilizing digital money as a methods for installment and a capacity of reserve funds in key nations around the globe, it is essential that a huge number of individuals have the cryptographic money. This should make such a minimum amount of cryptographic money holders that is fit to "cryptolize" the customer showcase installments in picked economies, pushing the installments through the final turning point, where digital money turns into the cash of decision for unequivocal larger part of purchasers.

The STANDARTA Сommunity

STANDARTA — humanitarian project.

The existing distribution of global wealth is unfair. Oxfam study found that 82% of global wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the richest, while 50% of the poorest world’s population has not received anything from the created wealth.

Even this is not yet enough. There is a so-called Consumer Price Index (CPI) reflecting how much the price of the basket of essential goods and services in a particular currency has increased. All over the world, the value of the basket, and with it the CPI in all currencies is constantly increasing, so the purchasing power of the savings of the population in these currencies is constantly falling. With an increase in the CPI by 20%, you can buy 20% less on your savings. For example, in the USA, between 1984 and 2018, the CPI increased 2.49 times.

This means that for 33 years the prices for essential products and services have increased by 2.49 times or by 149%. If 33 years ago, for $ 100 you bought 5 identical things and put them in the safe, then opening the safe today you would find in it only 2 of the 5 same things left there. Would you call it stealing? Who took the things from your safe?

It is the world financial system! As you can see, the monetary policy of central banks and financial authorities leads to a loss of the purchasing power of your savings earned through a hard work. It makes you working just to keep alive until you die.

You can earn lots of money and coin with  STANDARTA airdrop. Also you can join airdrop coins distribution in our website and benefit from the other crypto airdrop events and airdrops tokens.

Referral Program

According to the community referral program, the registration for free mining is possible only by invitations of previously registered community members. The first invitations will be sent by STANDARTA.IO team members to their friends and acquaintances, then by friends to their friends and so on. The invitation can be sent from a personal cabinet, available immediately after registration of the user in the Community.

Invite your friends and get 550 extra coins for each friend passed the registration as Community member!