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Qravity (QCO)

What is Qravity (QCO) ?

Qravity is a digital entertainment production and distribution platform where decentralized creative teams get royalties for their work.

You can join this airdrop which is related to QCO coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by Qravity.

Qravity gives a space to imaginative visionaries to all in all create  unique monetizable computerized content, including films, music, recreations, ebooks, and applications. The stage utilizes virtual tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to track computerized content creation, circulate venture stakes among innovative colleagues, and bring Qravity-created content specifically to advertise.

Blockchain innovation makes the stage's exchanges straightforward as far as income, item dispersion, and benefit sharing. As a rule, Qravity enhances joint effort and takes out deterrents as makers and makers consider, create, and appropriate interesting substance that buyers long for.

Why Qravity?

The Qravity group is given to helping creatives conquer the bunch challenges that advanced substance ventures. To achieve this mission, they are building up a really interesting and intense advanced substance creation furthermore, conveyance stage - a stage that tackles blockchain innovation to join remote assets and give the following, trust, and security required for effective cooperation.

They need to give remote imaginative groups a similar straightforwardness and trust amid joint effort as restricted groups, with Qravity going about as a gathering point that empowers makers to sidestep interminable hindrances, for example, little to no introduction or acknowledgment in their field, questions about venture achievement, decreased individual responsibility, and vulnerabilities when likening commitment to value.

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How Qravity Works

The Qravity stage is a decentralized advanced substance improvement and circulation stage with coordinated venture administration instruments, including resource generation and endorsement, record sharing, and informing for the network what's more, group correspondence. Venture colleagues utilize these highlights as per their job. For instance, authors can utilize the stage to coordinate their innovative groups, while makers can keep tabs on their development and stakes.

Upon venture consummation, Qravity conveys the substance to the market, making it consumable through its stage, pitching rights to merchants, also, offering specifically through outsider computerized commercial centers like application stores what's more, gushing administrations.

The execution of blockchain innovation guarantees that each commitment that a substance maker makes to a task is permanent. Qravity rewards makers with offers of task proprietorship for every commitment; at whatever point a maker finishes a particular undertaking, they get the quantity of Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) that the venture organizer has appointed to that assignment.

These QPT are followed and made inside Ethereum keen contracts, making them one of a kind to particular tasks and for all intents and purposes safe to imitation or misrepresentation. Despite the size or many-sided quality of the undertakings, the more assignments a maker finishes, the more QPT they procure, what's more, the more prominent a lot of task possession. Makers get installment in Qravity QCO, the stage's cash, which is tradable on trades. The measure of QCO they get relates to the measure of QPT they earned for their work.