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Papusha (PRT)

What is Papusha (PRT) ?

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Papusha Rocket Technology

As a result of the transformation of Russian rocket and space technology on the basis of fundamentally new ideas, a new type of high-temperature, high-speed combustion was developed and brought to industrial use - transonic combustion (transonic combustion is included in the UN list under the name of the author, Papusha Rocket Technology (PRT)

Development of PRT allowed to provide a new high-temperature combustion process, first of all, stability of combustion, as it is fully isolated from external influence.

High speed and dynamic of regulation of the working process parameters give effect of the high-speed stream on the processed substance, providing dispersion (up to the fragments of active radicals) from the almost ideal uniformity of the temperature and concentration fields, while providing wide regulation and control of the working process parameters.

PRT Provides:

Efficiency Combustion efficiency with a record high combustion completion rate up to 99.9999% meets the strictest national and international standards.

Universality By the quantity of processed substances, the technology has no analogues in the world practice and includes the entire range of especially dangerous substances in the fuel and energy complex. The development of previously unclaimed fuels (such as high-ash, highly watered, low-calorie, etc.) is a huge potential.

MobilityOf the executive systems allows you to work directly at the locations of processed substances, excluding their transportation. It is possible to form mobile complexes of automobile, railway, air and water basing.

Industrial use of PRT

As a result of the achievements in of Russian rocket and space technology on the basis of fundamentally new ideas, a new type of high-temperature, high-speed combustion was developed and brought to industrial use - transonic combustion.

The common complex is the base object of the space program "Energy - Buran" (currently operating) Khimki, Moscow region.

The development was awarded by state Prize of the USSR in 1986. Stationary industrial complex for dehydration of dioxin-containing transformer oils. 132 tons of "sovtol-10" were disposed of, (class 1 of danger) OAO Severstal, Cherepovets, Volgograd Region.

The work was awarded the Bardeen Prize in 2000.

Mobile complex, located in a 40-pound container. Shikhany, Saratov Region 2002-2005. In the field conditions, 37 special formulations (chlorine, fluorine, sulfur, and phosphorus-containing) were decontaminated with a record level of ecological safety.

In addition to the proposed solution for processing tar into light fuel oil, a significant expansion of the field of implementation in the oil and gas sector is expected in the following areas: utilization of huge accumulations of oil refinery waste - oil sludge accumulated in storage ponds, solving associated petroleum gases, etc.

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MVP project - PRT-1

The PRT-1 unit is not only a world-recognized, have patents and was developed. It is a working MVP product, which fulfilled dozens of tasks and proved his right to exist.

It is important to mention that it goes about recycling of new residues only, which allows not to cause additional pollution of our planet. Processing of the accumulated deposits and lakes requires the volume that is several times higher than this.