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Time Based Cryptocurrency

What is Min (MIN) ?

You can join this airdrop which is related to MIN coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by MIN.

The MIN Token serves as a universal currency that can be changed in in-app and third-party platforms. Used to pay for time-based services and to reward and encourage users. As users increase their level of participation in the MIN ecosystem and introduce new users, they will be eligible to receive additional indicators to help strengthen the platform's network impact.

MIN token, user-friendly interface, decentralized coin trading, security, speed, and low fees to be launched on the selected Stellar platform. The on-chain MIN operations are deleted instantly within five seconds and when transferred out of the chain in the MIN mobile application.

Transaction fees can be ignored around $ 0.0000002. This ensures that the Stellar network is ideally suited for the purposes of the MIN auxiliary specification.

MIN ensures that talented professionals can serve when they want and where they want it, they are all billed within minutes. Thanks to the option of making small consultations with customers, there is no such thing as unavailable time.

 Face-to-face appointments, external travel and gaps are now a means of earning money and give the right to choose and choose their suitability for free-standing players.

Rewards System:

Any social platform or website that is partnered with them will set their own criteria to reward users for the source of the necessary interaction. The MIN reward engine activates the moment a user logs in to their platform.

You can earn lots of money and coin with  Min (MIN) airdrop. Also you can join airdrop coins distribution in our website and benefit from the other crypto airdrop events and airdrops tokens.

Rating System:

A rating system allows the best consultants to attract new customers and encourage excellent service, based on positive reviews. As freelancers build up customer lists, they will be able to create new revenue streams and stay away from inefficient business practices as long as they are found and valued.

How Does It Work?

MIN  working in the Stellar blockchain facilitates fast and low cost payments with intelligent contract handling and release funds. The Thirtymin platform demonstrates MIN's versatility and ease of use and opens the way for integration into a multitude of applications.

Network effects will add value to all markers, as new partnerships are built and customers and professionals are built-in. MIN counts every minute.


The MIN is a decentralized protocol and local identifier that ensures that centers are charged at a consistent rate, preventing customers from being overcharged, and charging their time correctly and accurately.

Potential use cases for MIN are extensive, including industries such as translation, language training, programming, mobile applications, mentoring and marketing. In addition to the professionals, SMEs and website owners can use the frame of the minute MIN provides.