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INFLEUM (IFUM) – Blockchain Platform Created by ELSOL COMPANY

What is INFLEUM (IFUM) ?

The first version of the main functions of the INFLEUM platform is advertising and brand publishing.

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INFLEUM is a blockchain platform and created by ELSOL COMPANY, aiming to create a transparent trade structure in which the individual's ideas or actions can turn into profit. First of all, INFLEUM is carried out by ELSOLCOM company, which is growing in SMEs.

ELSOLCOM has created different references with its internal support and collaborative efforts. In addition to this, the customer capacity is quantitative, robust and scalable.

From now on, through decentralized INFLEUM Platforms, businesses will come to the fore of regional and physical structure. Offer customized advertising / marketing services without barriers and for different customers ability. INFLEUM will trigger an active competition among users, resulting in an explosion. They will be able to benefit from high quality and services with the lowest cost.

For this reason, the ecosystem will be larger and the value will be calculated by the user. Growth of IFUM will also be used as a benefit to increase user profits.

The INFLEUM Platform uses Smart Contract and Blockchain to provide information in a transparent manner. In other words, all the activities of the users can be tracked and verified, so that central distortion is prevented.

The IFUM platform offers a completely objective measurement system based on the reliability and fair evaluation of the results.

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Finally, the INFLUEM Platform aims to be an Open Innovation Platform that considers the creation of an important decentralized ecosystem for all users.

This will create an environment in which more diverse and elite third party DAPPs can be developed and expanded using the open API / SDK, with the exception of previously established DAPPs, which will allow easy access and execution.


The process begins with the advertiser who sending an advertisement or  marketing request.

At this point, the advertiser selects an appropriate campaign type and fills in smart contract details (e.g., region, marketing goal, period, budget, activity types).

To be clear, anyone can easily use the Smart Contract Tool Tool to transform a user into an advertiser.

When all the activities specified in the contract are concluded by the smart contract and all parties, an objective assessment is made and the compensation users are awarded fair standards under the fair standards.

Thus, requests from all parties, including companies and service providers, content creators, blog writers and consumers, are collected from in a single brand publishing service ecosystem.

INFLEUM tokens used as payment units as an intelligent contract instrument on the platform. It is a machine that helps users to participate effectively in campaigns, verify and execute campaigns. 

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