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HandleMode (HNDL)

A Decentralized and Forever ad Free Social Media Platform

What is HandleMode (HNDL) ?

You can join this airdrop which is related to HNDL coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by HandleMode.

The HandleMode local negotiator (HNDL) is a cryptocurrency that provides cryptocurrency transfers at the lightning speed in the blockchain between users and sellers that offer active bids in the domain sales network.

Users need the right incentives to use their initiative to promote their proposals to their followers. For this reason, some sort of commodity should be used to provide appropriate incentives for these users to make such publications.

Allowing users to get these tokens quickly and easily is a huge advantage to having their own tokens.

Users can buy or earn HNDLs through its impressive network and then transfer them to friends or make micropayments to journalists in their favorite articles.

HandleMode is planning to develop a non-decentralized blockchain messaging system that allows users to send private messages via blockchain, making it almost impossible for anyone to find or cross them.

There will also be an option for users to send their photos or videos 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day for their followers, and then delete them well from the network.

This system will be similar to the original version of Snapchat, which the masses really enjoyed before major design changes.

One of the main goals behind HandleMode is to run a social media platform for masses without ever publishing ads. This will be accomplished using a full-fledged sales business model, where the platform will automatically receive a% of all impressive sales.

HandleMode's real secret sauce is the world's first automatic, effective sales network. This will send the majority of the ad revenue to users on the network instead of a centralized ad network from the businesses.

The social media platform also makes it easy for users to make blockchain transfers between themselves. Any user can click on the "Handle Transfer" button in the application and the receiver's @username handle and the amount to be sent. Also, HandleMode will take care of the rest of the entire block chain.

User Experience Benefits

HandleMode benefits by gathering users' data and communicating their advertising revenue to them through the world's first automated sales network.

In addition to these advantages, they have spent years developing a better wheel for users to gain greater flexibility and control their social media experience, and have enabled them to truly enjoy their time on the network through our multi-feed and category system.

You can earn lots of money and coin with  HandleMode (HNDL) airdrop. Also you can join airdrop coins distribution in our website and benefit from the other crypto airdrop events and airdrops tokens.


HandleMode is the next generation social media platforms. Decentralization and blockchain technology outperform existing social media platforms. With HandleMode split main screen, category system and impressive sales network with its own CryptoCurrency additional flexibility, these benefits are exponential.

It will take time, but in the end the masses will see the benefits of adopting a social media platform that allows them to earn money instead of constantly spying, manipulating and selling.