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Cryptocurrency Lesson: WHAT IS AIRDROP?

Airdrop means that a blockchain project distributes free token or coin for investors or community.

In more detail, it is the name given to the process of free distribution of some of the newly produced / produced coins in the crypto-money world, in accordance with different strategic objectives such as ensuring that the coin is recognized by a wide audience and creating a solid community that will stand behind the coin produced / produced.

How can I Join Airdrops?

Airdrops can be made in different ways. The first of these is the sending of new coins to the wallets. The second is to perform certain tasks (such as tweeting, writing a blog post, etc.) to promote a coin in the ICO process.

Airdrops and Safety

Many coin projects make airdrops with the idea of taking advertising and investors from behind. However, the most important thing to note is that you need to create a reliable crypto wallet, and you should never give private key information to any project or person. Some fake airdrop projects ask you for your private key information, and only in this way you can airdrop.

It is very important for the security of your wallet that you keep your investments.

The main purpose of Airdrop is to acquire potential customers and to advertise directly with a focus on the target audience. So actually a move to revive the market.

The coin producers who will make airdrops explain the airdrop announcement and the terms of participation through their websites or through different communication channels through the bitcointalk forum.

Persons with a profile in accordance with the stated participation requirements can participate in the airdrop by following the paths specified in the description.

How can I be informed about Airdrops?

There are lots of communication channels. In order to get informed about airdrop news, you should have Telegram account. Then you must have bitcointalk account. These 2 platforms are the best way to get informed about airdrop and cryptocurrency news.

Is Airdrop Profitable?

If Airdrop has been added to any exchange site when you receive the coin you’ve made the participation; you can instantly convert the coin to bitcoin or ethereum.

Which Wallet Address Should We Write into Airdrop forms?

Actually, it depends on the coin owners’ choices. You cannot join with the same wallet address in airdrop form. Don’t worry about it. The companies put alerts on the system which remind you many times which wallet information you need to write.

The most commonly used bases are Ethereum ERC20 at the top of the list. The majority of the projects nowadays are based on Ethereum based platforms.  

Other common platforms are Waves and NEO. In addition, many different platforms have emerged in a way to develop their own infrastructure and enable projects to be developed.