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AceD | Value in Anonymity

What is AceD (ACED) ?

You can join this airdrop which is related to ACED coin. You can get hundereds of dollars thanks to crypto airdrop and airdrop coins. These airdrops tokens will be provided by AceD.

AceD bases its core centers on providing alternatives to existing central systems through blockchain. With the exception of most crypto currencies that provide anonymization, AceD plans to develop a privacy-oriented platform with unlimited possibilities. And if they don't talk about these practices, voting can be made through proposals that enable them to self-finance with each team member through governance models from Dash and Police.

AceD Coin Specifications

The AceD token is a confidentiality-focused platform and community-focused currency that anyone can create or vote for AceD governance. Features include custom shipping and instant payment. Transactions are 100% specific and are approved in less than 1 second.

  • MINING CATEGORY: PoW + Masternode
  • MAX COINS: 25,000,000
  • PREMINE: 4.4%
  • TARGET BLOCK TIME: 120 Seconds
  • BLOCK REWARD: 20 (14.4 for MasterNodes; 3.6 for Miners; 2 for Treasury Fund)

AceD Streaming

The ACED is a streaming platform that will allow publishers to be rewarded for the quality of their content. The audience may choose to use ACED coins to direct the paddle machine as it sees fit. This creates an interactive social experience and instantly pays tangible rewards to content providers.

You can earn lots of money and coin with  AceD (ACED) airdrop. Also you can join airdrop coins distribution in our website and benefit from the other crypto airdrop events and airdrops tokens.

AceD Dashboard

ACED Dashboard is a platform that will provide useful tools to end users and potential business partners. ACED vendors may receive important information such as network statistics, unique address numbers and other market trends.

AceD Gaming

The online gaming industry is expected to reach a market size of over $ 50 billion by 2018. ACED is trying to take advantage of this opportunity by introducing ACED GAMING, an online platform that allows players to play against each other in skill-based games.

AceD Snap

ACED plans for a platform that aims to bring the world together, enabling people to see through the eyes of photographers who share their photos on the ACED platform.

AceD Escrow

The world of Cryptocurrency can be harsh for a naive investor. Scammers are always one step ahead of common nationalities. ACED Escrow is an invaluable service for both buyers and sellers of crypto assets. ACED Escrow works by keeping funds up to the agreed exchange of goods or service. This means that an investor can purchase an ACED masternode directly through the service app. Finally, the escrow service will serve as a platform to host ICOs.


The AceD Core wallet is refined in an intuitive and easy to use way. An installation comes with everything you need to install the wizard and blockchain and start processing them in a secure environment.

  • If you want to download AceD Wallet, you can visit their official website and get it by clicking HERE.