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1 - 30
1000 ZWP ~ $10 Per Person
Supply 4,448,000 ZWP
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: ZWP
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.10
Distribution Info: After ICO

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Transforming How the World Shops Online

Bringing crypto and AI to everyday e-commerce

Zwoop harnesses AI, advanced machine learning and blockchain to change ecommerce forever. Putting the control in to the hands of consumers, Zwoop will enable users to find any product, from any merchant, in any country, and get the best deal every time, all in one revolutionary platform.

Where the Goliaths of ecommerce stifle retail, with results unfairly skewed by advertising affiliate deals and pay per click advertising, Zwoop is unbiased, supporting all merchants fairly and matching consumers with the best deals on any product. Unlike traditional search engines that use keywords, Zwoop’s AI understands the real meaning of the product, across any site or language.

Consumers check out with one click thanks to Zwoop’s automation of the registration and payment process and in a game-changing move, can pay with fiat currency, ZWP tokens, or leading cryptocurrencies, opening up crypto to the retail industry, and as a result, people everywhere.

Bringing blockchain to the masses, Zwoop enables consumers to control their personal data, decide how it’s used, and get paid for sharing it.


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Reward: 1 stake (capped at $10 ZWP maximum)


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