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18 - 31
735 FLI ~ $95.55Per Person
200 FLI ~ $26.00Per Ref
10.025 Participants will share 7.500.000 FLI Tokens.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: FLI
Token type: Ethereum ERC20 standard
ICO Token Price: $0.13
Distribution Info: After ICO

They canceled their ICO. Airdrop is canceled too. 06.08.2018

The First App Store for PWAs

The yappadappadoo Store is much more than "just another App Store". It is the first and currently the only store for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) with links to the Blockchain for payment, smart contracting, app selection and reviews. PWAs work on all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, on all operating systems, without eating up data volume and irrespective of network quality. yappadappadoo is the only App Store, to reach all 4.5 billion users of mobiledevices and tablets.

Until now, apps have been prisoners of their own separate ecosystems. Finally, the app world is making the long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will revolutionise the App market: Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

Just as has already happened with Video- and MusicStreaming, Cloud Storage and Data Transfer, Progressive Web Apps stand for Freedom! The days of being tethered to Google Play Store or Apple App Store are numbered.

PWAs are Multi-Platform. No download or installation is needed, no updates required. They are lightning fast and clever enough to work offline. On average, PWAs are less than 1% of the size of native apps.

From now on, organizations will require only one app for all devices and operating systems, offering massive time- and cost-savings for development and maintenance! PWAs are also significantly more efficient, yielding higher user-engagement, better conversion rates and longer usage times. These Apps beat native apps in all disciplines!