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Tripus (2)
Tripus (2)
2 - 16
200,000 TRIP ~ $4 per person
20,000 TRIP ~ $0.4 per ref
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: TRIP
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0
Distribution Info: After ICO

1. Go to the TripUS airdrop page

2. Follow TripUS on Twitter and retweet any one of their tweets using hashtags #airdrop #ICO #tripus

3. Join TripUS Telegram group and Telegram channel

5. Photo landscape ( tourist destination), a restaurant, a food store ... Where you are enjoying the trip.
. In your hand holding a paper which have your Twitter username written on it.
. Post this photo on your Twitter with hashtag #Tripus #airdrop #travel
. Copy this link and submit into task Picture Campaign in Airdrop Round 2 Form


6. Share your information on airdrop form