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9 - 712
Hot airdrop
500 TREX ~ $10.00Per Person
100 TREX ~ $2.00Per Ref
5.846.800 TREX tokens will be airdroped totally.
11007 Participants have joined out of 20.000.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: TREX
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.02
Distribution Info: After ICO

TREEBLOCK is designed to simplify dApps to adopt onto our protocol blockchain for many applications. It connects a network of users around the world via Smart Devices, Smart Contracts and AIs. AI(s) on the system with permission from the users will share their information within the system to best serve the users’ requests. Imagine such efficient system that frees you and everyone you care about back to simply enjoy your life. That is what our envisioned future with TreeBlock.