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0 - 4
8.102 TRT2 ~ $0.09Per Person
1.000 TRT2 ~ $0.01Per Ref
2.459 Participants will share 20.000.000 TRT2 Tokens.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: TRT2
Token type: Ethereum ERC20 Standard
ICO Token Price: 0.00000005 ETH
Distribution Info: After ICO

-Please complete the telegram requirements.

-Ref Bonus: 1000 TRT2 per ref

TRANS Token is a New Concept of Online Travel Agency based on Blockchain Technology. We want to make a fast, secure and pleasant transaction for your travel flights. Consumer can monitor their travelling log and see information about company flights they are using. TRANS Token create a Global Decentralized Server which provide all the personal information about the Pilot and their Crew. All the Pilot will have a transparent log about their travel log and their reputation or consumer feedback. So the consumer will feel safe because they can monitor all information about their travel.

TokenDrops.com has 20,000,000 TRT2 tokens in escrow.

Possible Token Distribution Date: 30th of July