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10 - 615
55 SBT ~ $6.11Per Person
9 SBT ~ $1.00Per Ref
294.736 SBT tokens will be airdroped totally.
5134 Participants have joined out of 0.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: SBT
Token type: Exchange
ICO Token Price: $0.111
Distribution Info: After ICO

Sobit are committed to building the first "User-owned" digital assets exchange. SBT is a proof of all rights to the Sobit platform, with a total amount of 10 billion, never added. SBT will be issued primarily in the form of trans-fee mining + community awards + institutional private placements.

All users holding a number of SBT in the Sobit platform, according to the circulating supply ratio, have the corresponding quasi-equity rights*(dividend, voting rights, right to know, etc.)
*Quasi-equity:Non-legal equity, only enjoy the right to reciprocal owner‘s equity, but do not assume legal responsibilities and obligations. 

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