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ONe Social Network
ONe Social Network
8 - 805
Hot airdrop
20 OBT ~ $8.00Per Person
20 OBT ~ $8.00Per Ref
14.966 Participants will share 375.000 OBT Tokens.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: OBT
Token type: Ethereum ERC20 standard
ICO Token Price: $0.4
Distribution Info: After ICO

Blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrencies have the ability to revolutionize the way people interact on social media, making the entire process more secure through self-governance and individual ownership of data.

Social media is a hallmark of today’s world, generating hundreds of billions of interactions each day. However, most channels where these occur are owned by companies and outside interests, which harvest them for information and often retain all rights to use media developed and posted.

ONe is a next generation social network that uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services that are digitally secure and private for our users. Combining the latest in Blockchain and Dapp technologies with built in privacy and security features. ONe gives customers the ability to control their data and privacy on a level never before seen.