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19 - 86
Hot airdrop
10,000 XOM ~ $30 Per Person
2,500 XOM ~ $7,50 Per Ref
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: XOM
Token type: XOM
ICO Token Price: $0.003
Distribution Info: After KYC

1. join OmniCoin Telegram group

2. Follow their on Twitter

3. Open the Telegram bot and click start

5. Download PC application from the site and register.

6. For authentication (whitelist for tokensale) click.''EASY KYC''

 * REFERRER: During the initial phase of the OmniBazaar marketplace, you will receive a Referral Bonus of OmniCoins each time you refer a new user. You will also receive a referral fee (some OmniCoins) each time a user you referred buys or sells something in the OmniBazaar marketplace.

* There is also a bonus/bounty for making your first sale from a listing on the network.