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2 - 18
50 OICOIN ~ $11.5 Per Person
Max 8,000 Participants
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: OICOIN
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.23
Distribution Info: After ICO

For this airdrop campaign, we will award 400,000 OiCOiN tokens.
50 OiCOiN tokens will be awarded to those who meet the following criteria:

Criteria for getting OiCOiN tokens:

  • 1. Registration on our homepage: https://www.oicoin.io/en/register/
  • 2. Join and follow our telegram channel at: https://t.me/OiCOiNchat
  • 3. Your telegram username, with which you have joined our telegram channel, must be specified for our control in the internal area of our homepage under "edit data" for the airdrop.
  • 4. Follow our twitter account at: https://twitter.com/OICoinICO
  • 5. Your twitter username, with which you follow our twitter account, must be specified for our control in the internal area of the homepage under "edit data" for the airdrop.

Follow us on Official TokenDrops Twitter and Telegram

Airdrop conditions:

  • Our telegram channel must be followed until completion of the ICO.
  • Our twitter account must be followed until the completion of the ICO.
  • Your email address given during registration must be confirmed by clicking on the link in the welcome email.
  • In the dashboard (internal area of the homepage) each registered user sees his credited OiCOiN tokens from the airdrop campaign. The OiCOiN tokens earned by airdrop promotions will not be transferred to your ERC20 wallet until the end of the ICO.
  • This airdrop campaign is limited to 400,000 OiCOiN tokens, and once all tokens have been awarded, this program will end. We reserve the right to prematurely end this airdrop campaign.
  • Each person is allowed to register only once. (we check IP addresses, and some other unspecified criteria to see if anyone is cheating)
  • If you register multiple times (for example, several e-mail addresses), the accounts will be blocked, and no tokens will be transferred.
  • We reserve the right, if the airdrop conditions are not met or if fraud is suspected, not to pay out any tokens and to block or delete the user with their accounts.