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9 - 783
Hot airdrop
400 MIN ~ $10.00Per Person
40 MIN ~ $1.00Per Ref
2.010.240 MIN tokens will be airdroped totally.
4894 Participants have joined out of 50.000.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: MIN
Token type: XLM
ICO Token Price: $0.025
Distribution Info: After ICO

MIN is a decentralized protocol and native token that enables professionals to charge fairly and accurately for their time ensuring that a consistent rate is applied, preventing clients from being overcharged. The potential use cases for MIN are extensive, encompassing such industries as translation, language tuition, programming, mobile applications, mentorship, and marketing. In addition to professionals, SMEs and website owners can utilize the by-the-minute framework that MIN provides.


You have to enter XLM wallet to receive MIN tokens!

ICO Token Price: 1 MIN = 0.1 XLM