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6 - 89
210 KARTO ~ $21.00Per Person
250 KARTO ~ $25.00Per Ref
16.612 Participants will share 4.000.000 KARTO Tokens.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: KARTO
Token type: *
ICO Token Price: $0.1
Distribution Info: After ICO

Kryptobits exchange is the first new generation exchange that will allow its users to obtain the greatest performance of its cryptocurrencies with safety and operate with fiat like it were a bank, receive and send third party payments both in crypto and fiat, with unique advantages that will be offered by its wn cryptocurrency 'Karto Coin' and its own investment fund based on artificial intelligence. This ICO is intended to give access to all users to be part of the great business of the exchange of cryptocurrencies, and benefit from the high performance that it represents.