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3 - 28
Hot airdrop
300 HYT ~ $9.00Per Person
150 HYT ~ $4.50Per Ref
2.600.700 HYT tokens will be airdroped totally.
8275 Participants have joined out of 20.000.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: HYT
Token type: *
ICO Token Price: €0.03
Distribution Info: After ICO

Actions requested:

1. Create a horyou.com account
2. Join the telegram group
3. Follow horyoutoken on twitter
4. Watch and like the youtube video

- Limited to 30,000 users!
- Limited to 10 days!

A Platform to Connect For Good since 2013

Horyou is an international media company that showcases, promotes, supports and encourages the advancement of positive initiatives in social good worldwide. Horyou accomplishes this through its distinctive social networking philosophy that calls everyone, everywhere to Connect for Good on its Horyou.com platform. It also hosts exclusive annual events such as the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF) and Horyou Village, embracing arts, culture and diversity at the Cannes Film Festival. Horyou also features the Live & Dream program, a blog, a web TV channel, Horyou Magazine and the Horyou Foundation.

How HoryouToken will be used?

A new Marketplace for Social Good and more

We’re introducing HoryouToken, a utility token built to fuel the virtuous circle of Horyou interactions. HoryouTokens can be used: 
1. To reward Horyou community members from all continents for sharing their positive news and actions on the Horyou platform
2. To buy Spotlights or support directly the social good actions and causes on the Horyou platform or beyond benefiting from the disruptive tagging and traceability leveraging blockchain
3. As a mode of transaction outside the Horyou platform, within any platform or Fintech payment solution intended to support philanthropy and by proof of impact
4. To buy, sell or subscribe products, services and soft commodities enhancing social good within the future Horyou marketplace