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17 - 332
36 POA ~ $6 Per Person
Max 500 Participants
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: DPRS & DPRCM
Token type: POA
ICO Token Price: $3
Distribution Info: After ICO


DopeRaider Airdrop Campaign


(1) What are we airdropping?


DopeRaider SEED tokens (DPRS)

These tokens can be redeemed into seeds and used to grow weed for sale on the local market.


DopeRaider CHEMICAL tokens (DPRCM)

These tokens can be redeemed into chemicals and used to produce coke for sale on the local market.


(2) How much are we dropping?

3000 SEEDS tokens in batches of 6

1000 CHEMICAL tokens in batches of 2


(3) What's the POA/ETH value?

SEEDS Tokens value (18 POA) 0.0063 ETH ~ $3

CHEMICALS Tokens value (18 POA) 0.0063 ETH ~ $3


(4) When the airdrop closes

Registration closes: Sunday August 12 @ 21:00 UTC


(5) Is there a max # of airdrop recipients?

Yes: 500


(6) When will be distributed?

August 13th  , 14th


(7) The steps to get the airdrop.

Easy instructions are here:



(8) The story

Benny the weedman from Jamaica Village and El Cabo from Cartagena have teamed up to kickstart the DopeRaider cottage industry for producing dope!

They are giving away a bunch of seeds for growing your own weed and chemicals to produce your own cocaine.

Register for this airdrop to receive the raw materials your Narco can use in DopeRaider to get started in the dope business.



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