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0 - 17
222 CST ~ $13.32Per Person
100 CST ~ $6.00Per Ref
16.423 Participants will share 4.000.000 CST Tokens.
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: CST
Token type: Ethereum ERC20
ICO Token Price: $0.06
Distribution Info: After ICO


During the Cryptosolartech ICO, we will obtain our own cryptocurrencies, in a farm where we will install 3.000 equipments to mine cryptocurrencies, in two different variants to optimize profitability, as well as being able to self-supply the farm with our own energy, coming from a solar photovoltaic plant, installed in the province of Seville (Spain), this energy can also be distributed as a service for electric companies.

The Ethereum public Blockchain will be used for the management, generation of income and start-up of the physical assets that make up this project. The objective of this ICO is therefore, to create a mining farm of cryptocurrencies and a photovoltaic plant of solar panels to generate electricity. In order to participate in the project, only digital tokens can be purchased that will go on sale to register operations.

The ICO will issue 1260 million Tokens called Cryptosolartech (CST). All Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned. No more tokens will be issued in the future.