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1 - 11
1000 BOM ~$10 Per Person
100 BOM ~ $1 Per Ref
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: BOM
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.01
Distribution Info: After ICO

1. Register on the Buyyom website and confirm email.

2. log in and go to the airdrop page

3. Follow the CEO and official accounts on Twitter, repeat the pinned post. (200 BOM Tokens)

4.  Make a positive comment to the Official ANN piece on the Bitcointalk forum. (200 BOM Tokens)

5. Follow the official Facebook page You must share posts, Favorites, and Shared messages. (200 BOM Tokens)

6. join Their on Telegram Channel (150 BOM Tokens)

7. Follow on Instagram. Like the first post. (100 BOM Tokens)

8. Follow the LinkedIn account and share it. (100 BOM Tokens)

9. Join the Google+ community, like and share your first message. (100 BOM Tokens)

10. Send your information and eth address to the airdrop page.

* Referral username (optional)  asisisi