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5 - 25
Already In Exchange
1 000 000 BZNT Supply
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: BZNT
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.30
Distribution Info: After ICO

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About Bezant

Bezant is a decentralized payment protocol that provides fast, secure, and reliable payment solutions so that people from all over the world could access global digital contents without borders with the Jehmi Platform.

Bezant through the Jehmi Payment Network, a network that aggregates hundreds of payment methods from around the world, can be easily topped up in their Jehmi Wallet with user preference focused payment methods.
Users with the Bezant token can make purchases on the Jehmi platform and access global content. Bezant allows the users and also the content creators to pay and also receive payment from anywhere on the globe instantly without dealing with accumulating costs from transaction fees. Fluid payments are made possible because of the off-chain network, making even the microtransactions reliable, transparent, and cost-efficient.

Community Drop

To celebrate the success of ICO and to thank the community Bezant is launching a 1st community drop. There will be a total of 1,000,000 Bezant (BZNT) Tokens up for grabs. The amount you shall receive will depend on your ranking in the leaderboard. The more tasks performed the more points collected the higher in leaderboard you will be. The more tokens you will receive. 

How it works

  • Each task that is successfully completed will earn a certain amount of “points” for the participant, the details of which will be mentioned in the following sections.
  • Participants are required to submit their completed tasks through the Bezant Community Drop Website. (The link to the campaign website will be revealed on August 7th)
  • Participants will be able to increase their potential gains from the pool based on the points they have collected and their standing on the leaderboard.
  • The leaderboard will be updated every 3 working days.
  • The points you collect and your leadership position will make you eligible for receiving BZNT Tokens at the end of the campaign, and automatically puts you in the Grand Prize draw, worth 150,000 BZNT Tokens. Note that KYC will be required for the Grand Prize winner.

Leaderboard Ranking   Tokens Awarded (per person)
         1-500                             600 tokens
      501-1000                           300 tokens
     1001-2000                          200 tokens
     2001-3000                          100 tokens

In addition top 500 participants will divide a pool of 100,000 Bezant tokens. The formula for calculating the amount you will receive is this — (User points) / (Total points collected by all users) * 100,000.

Furthermore! One lucky person will win The Grand Prize of 150,000 BZNT Tokens!

To join the leaderboard tasks will have to be performed across Twitter, Telegram, and blogs.

Below are the specific requirements for Twitter, Telegram and Blog tasks:

Twitter Campaign


  • You are only allowed one Twitter account per participant.
  • Your Twitter account must have at least 100 real followers.
  • Your Twitter account needs to have at least 85% real followers.
  • You must retweet at least 7 tweets from our official Twitter account: @bezant_io.
  • You must create 5 tweets about Bezant including the hashtag #bezant #bestico2018 (Only 1 Tweet per day will count)


  • 2 points for an original Tweet about Bezant.
  • 1 point for a retweet from Bezant’s official account.

Telegram Campaign


  • Join our Telegram group — https://t.me/bezant_official.
  • Be active and engage with community members. We value any opinions, comments related to the project.
  • You must remain in the telegram until the end of the campaign.


  • 5 points per Telegram member

Blog Campaign


  • The blog must be focused on a topic relevant to Bezant, such as cryptocurrency or blockchain. Can be written in different languages.
  • All written materials must have at least 400 words.
  • Articles with views from fake or automated accounts will be disqualified.
  • Only original content will be accepted.
  • Еach member should go through registration and wait for the approval.
  • We reserve the right to consider any article or video not eligible for this campaign, without the need to provide a reason.


  • 50 points for high quality content.
  • 25 points for good quality content.
  • 10 points for satisfactory quality content.

General Terms & Conditions

  • If you are a US or Chinese citizen and would like to participate in the Bezant Community Drop Campaign, it is essential that with every task or award performed or given, it would be clearly outlined that it is a sponsored content. Otherwise, the participation will be voided.
  • The following are strictly prohibited; if suspected or found to be committing these actions, you will be disqualified: using multiple accounts; cheating; using third parties to do the work; spamming, or any kind of unethical behavior.
  • For technical support during the Bezant Community Drop Campaign, please contact our bounty managers who will be active in chat rooms and on social media.
  • If a campaign does not meet the minimum number of participants, we reserve the right to allocate a fixed reward to each participant for such campaigns.
  • Bezant reserves the right to remove you from the Bezant Community Drop Campaign at any time if we suspect you are spamming or being dishonest.
  • The redeem period for the token will be 2 weeks after the campaign is over. Tokens will not be redeemable after the redeem period.

Official Channels

Community Drop Page: www.bezant.io
Telegram : https://t.me/bezant_official 
Telegram Announcement Channel :https://t.me/bezant_io 
Twitter : www.twitter.com/bezant_io 


Follow us on Official TokenDrops Twitter and Telegram.