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10 - 62
200 BERM ~ $10 Per Person
200 BERM ~ $10 Per Ref
Airdrop Ends
0 Ended
Ticker: BERM
Token type: ETH
ICO Token Price: $0.05
Distribution Info: After ICO

Join Airdrop HERE!

The Berm Protocol is in development with plans to disrupt the flow of news on the internet by introducing crypto economics to an increasingly centralized and manipulated industry. Through strong staking-required governance and ecosystem-wide rewards, the protocol and BERM utility token are designed to incentivize accuracy and objectivity to radically improve the quality of information shared online. The Berminal app is a powerful crypto and blockchain information platform, and is the first use case of the Berm Protocol. Berminal’s team of journalists are among the first to aggregate and publish all of the breaking announcements in a digestible format, hand-crafted for mass consumption. Berminal thrives as a live crypto news platform and trading hub.

Berminal is airdropping up to $5,000,000 in BERM tokens during this airdrop. Each participant will earn 200 BERM tokens (~$10) for downloading and registering in the Berminal mobile app (iOS or Android).

Each participant can also earn 200 additional BERM for each friend that signs up through their referral link.

  1. Go to Berminal airdrop page and enter you ETH address and phone number. You will receive your activation code.
  2. Click the link and download the Berminal app (Android / iOS).
  3. Open the app and register an account. Go to the “Me” tab and tap on “Register”. Submit your activation code in the app.
  4. Share your code with your friends and family. Get them to download the app through your referral link and earn 200 BERM for each referral!

For more information about Berminal’s Airdrop and to contact the team, join them in the Official Berminal Telegram, or on Twitter.


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